Luke Bryan’s sixth spring break EP isn’t so much a party album as it is a project for short-term lovers. Bryan explores the romantic side of Spring Break during ‘Like We Ain’t Ever.’ In many ways, it’s an extension of the songs on ‘Crash My Party.’

‘She Get Me High’ comes first, and it may be the album’s finest moment. The “keys to this old Bronco” line is one of a half dozen zingers that stand out on the mini-release. Strong backing vocals fill out this cut, making it the most dynamic of the bunch.

Many of the rest rely on stories that are equally compelling. ‘Night One’ is a white hot love story that asks what it would have been like if the two young lovers met early during their trip, and not toward the middle or end.

Wish I’d have met you on night one / What a week we’d have had / You and me /Being drunk, tangled up / Wakin’ up, no we wouldn’t be done,” he sings.

‘Are You Leaving With Him’ finds Bryan’s opportunistic self wanting to give a girl the treatment he feels she’s not getting from the jerk she’s with currently. He stands there fiddling with his phone, when she clearly wants him to fiddle with her on the dance floor.

‘The Sand I Brought to the Beach’ takes a familiar phrase and uses it to tell a story of what happens when that sand (a woman in this case) splits because she doesn’t care for the party. This last song is best representative of the six, as it’s a fun story that’s not particularly difficult to understand the first time through.

Bryan isn’t going to make anyone’s brain hurt during ‘Spring Break 6 … Like We Ain’t Ever.’ Instead, he gives fans the carefree sound they’re looking for each March when it comes to choosing a soundtrack for the trek to Panama City, Daytona or South Padre Island.

Key Tracks: 'She Get Me High,' 'The Sand I Brought to the Beach'

Party 'Til You Drop: That happened early for Bryan one Spring Break. In 1999, he and future wife Caroline jumped in the 50 degree water on the first day ... and got the flu. They spent the entire week holed up in hotel rooms trying to recover.

Did You Know?: One reason Bryan returns to Panama City, Fla. each spring break is because that's where he went in college and high school. He plays a free show at the Spinnaker Beach Club once again in 2014.