Ladies and gentleman, prime time prank season is upon us. Why? Everyone's so stinkin' happy around the holidays, and the last thing they'd expect is for an evil prankster to pull out hilarious (and sometimes mean) tricks.

While we're huge fans of joking around, we tend to go for ones of the innocent and hilarious variety, like putting saran wrap over a toilet seat or dressing up like a snowman and scaring the pants off passersby. It's all for the giggles. That's exactly why we love this guy Peter's take on funny business.

Basically, he went around to a ton of different businesses to quit jobs he never had. The dude was never an employee at a convenience store, an art shop or a fast-food joint, but Peter does one heck of an acting job convincing current employees he did in fact work there. However, what's most impressive is that he's able to pull out the tears at the perfect moment to make prank victims feel super awkward.

Now that Peter's totally out of work at like 20 different places, we think he should just become a professional job-quitter! How awesomely easy would that be?