Temple police shot a man who confronted and threw a knife at them in an apartment which was supposed to be vacant Tuesday night.

A call to the police around 11:30 Tuesday night reported suspicious noises coming from an empty unit at Kensington Apartments. Witnesses told officers they had heard noises and seen lights in the apartment.

Officers knocked on the locked door, ordering anyone inside to come out. The manager unlocked the door when no one responded.

When officers entered, a man ran from the back room holding a knife. He began yelling at officers and threw the knife after they demanded he drop his weapon. The knife hit one of the officers in the leg, but did not injure him.

The man drew another knife and began approaching and threatening the officers. One of the officers fired a shot and hit the man in the upper body. He was taken to Scott & White Hospital in an ambulance.

Police continued to investigate the apartment and found another man in a closet. He was taken into custody without incident.

The incident will be investigated by the Texas Rangers along with the General Investigators Unit of the Temple Police Department. The involved officer will be placed on administrative leave during this investigation, as required by procedure.

Identities of those involved have not been released.