Hi! I'm Dani, and I'll be taking over the mic during middays from 10a-3p weekdays on US 105! I'm so pumped to be here at US 105! Since I'm the newbie, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about myself.

Dani's Pics

Here are 5 fun facts about me:

-I'M A NEWLYWED! (WELL, KIND OF) Okay, so I'm not sure if it still counts after a year, but I wanted an excuse to show you pictures of my cutie husband (Hopefully he won't mind me sharing the duckface pose below!)

via Dani's pics

-I'M AN AGGIE! Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2010! WHOOP!

-COUNTRY IS MY BACKGROUND, BUT I'VE DABBLED IN HIP HOP- Prior to moving to the CTX, I worked at a country station for 2 years. Before starting US105, I spent a little time on one of our sister stations, B106! (Everyone who knows me thought it was hilarious to hear me try my best to say "TWOOO CHAINZZ!")

-I'M FROM BLUE BELL COUNTRY!- Otherwise known as Brenham, TX. Seriously, don't even think about bringing Blue Bunny anywhere near me.

-I AM A FOOTBALL FANATIC: Not only am I an Aggie Football aficionado, but I also do sideline reporting for high school football on our other sister station, K-101.7!

I want to hear from you! Tweet me, @DaniOnUS105!