Before you roll your eyes & click through to an article NOT spewing their opinions about the Miley Cyrus performance on the MTV (Used to Play) Video Music Awards, take my word when I tell you it's not going to be a lecture.  Maybe it's because I don't have a daughter that I'm not totally offended or shocked by what I saw Monday (sorry, didn't catch it live- Walter White is far more interesting... and a far better human being than Miley) when I gave in to the hype and watched the clip online.  I've seen worse.  Maybe that's why I'm more shocked at people being shocked.

I believe this was the outfit Miley left the house wearing. Once she was out of Billy Ray's site things got a little more risque. Credit Getty Images

I've seen open letters to Miley, jokes about Billy Ray's "achy-breaky heart" and lectures about what someone would do if that was their daughter.  Right.  Any parent knows the more you push, the more they pull.  What was Billy Ray supposed to do?  Grab her by the ear and drag her off stage?  Miley is acting out.  Every parent goes through it.  Most are fortunate to not have it seen by millions of people in full HD (and possibly 3D).  Yet again, my surprise is in people being surprised.  Decency is dead.

I'm not a traditional man in the sense of household duties and responsibilities.  I'm a 21st century man.  My wife earns more than me.  I share in every household chore.  The only thing traditional about our marriage is that I drive.  I drive, and she complains about my driving.  That's about as "Leave it to Beaver" as we get.  Yet, I expect more from a lady.  Reading bits and pieces of what was expected from a young lady (and even from a young man) in days past may seem like a comical idea now, but everything once considered commonplace in society is now extinct.

I'm not saying Miley Cyrus should be at home knitting a Hannah Montana sweater for the holidays, but what in the hell was that?  Have some self respect, for God's sake.  You've proven your point.  You're not Hannah.  Hannah is not you.  Not put your clothes back on and try to salvage what little dignity & career you have left.

**NOTE**  I promised I wouldn't lecture, but come on, who can help it?  I promise, I'm finished with the lecture.

If this picture were taken today, she'd end up in the water & he'd end up a viral superstar. Credit Getty Images

I'm just super-pumped thinking about the first time one of my sons brings home a girlfriend.  If Sunday night was what became of Hannah Montana, what the hell will they be bringing through that front door?  I can't wait to find out.  Will young girls just start getting their tubes tied so they can live a more stress-free sexual lifestyle at the age of 15?  I know it's extreme, but we've come a long way since the days of ladies being seen & not heard.

Before you get upset at me for singling out the young ladies, please understand I'm fully aware of where the boys' minds are as well.  It scares the hell out of me more than even Hannah Montana twerking with some stoned Care Bears.  Every day, I wake up thinking today is the day I become the victim of some prank being filmed for the sake of internet infamy at the hands of my own flesh and blood.  It's almost expected now for a boy to do some Jackass-themed prank on video by the time puberty strikes.

If there was an internet back in the days of Elvis, the Beatles & hippies I'm sure we'd see just as many posts about the end of the world as we know it at the hands of Elvis' hips.  Turns out the only thing those hips were good for was stashing away fried foods & narcotics.  I know society changes, but I didn't think decency was D.O.A.  We all got to witness decency flatline Sunday night... twerking its last twerk into the groin of Robin Thicke.  Blurred lines, indeed.