Hey Gang,

            Yesterday I told you how the French did a study, for the past 15 years, that proved wearing a bra is bad for you.  Yea, they found that women who used bra’s had breasts that sagged more than the women who went without.  Of course, they didn’t say anything about size, but now even more proof has come to light that bras are bad.

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            All you outdoorsy types need to read this one.  It seems that your under wire in your bra could kill you.  Normally it would kill you by simply making your boobs pop so well that you could get noticed by a Ted Bundy type, but now it seems it also affects a compass.

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            The organization, Mountaineering Council of Scotland claims that the wire in a bra could possibly interfere with a compass, and even reverse its polarity.  Which means you could get lost in the woods and die, all in the name of “support”. 

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Ladies, it’s time to support yourself and let your puppy’s go.  Please.  I think that’s the best plan for everyone, after all, we love you, and want to see more of you in the future.