If you're gonna steal a motorcycle... well, there's really nothing I can add after that.  DON'T STEAL PEOPLE'S STUFF!!  If you do, you might find yourself on the receiving end of some instant karma at the hands of the bike's rightful owner.

Thousands of vehicles are stolen every day, and the likelihood of finding your ride intact are slim to none.  I've seen The Big Lebowski, I know how it works.  Someone is just as likely to dump the vehicle in the nearest body of water as they are to return it.

Vehicles are stolen in the US every 45 seconds, resulting in roughly 700,000 thefts per year.  That comes out to a total of $4 billion each year.  It's not just kids going for joyrides.  It's big business in the form of chop shops and black market sales.  Something tells me the joker in this video isn't getting his invite to the next Fast & Furious, although the karate-kicking bike owner might deserve a shot.


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