The Temple Police Department has issued a press release to update the public on a shooting incident that took place Tuesday night.

It reads as follows:

Last night (Tuesday 7-23-2013), at 11:26 pm, Officers from the Temple Police Department responded to a report of suspicious noises at “The Kensington Apartments”, located at 400 Fryer’s Creek Drive. Officers were advised that noises were emanating from apartment #K-8, which was reported to be a vacant apartment.

Upon initial contact the officers were advised that noises had been heard from the apartment, and a light had been on inside just prior to their arrival. The front door was found to be locked; officers knocked loudly on the door announcing their presence, and demanded anyone inside to come out. No one came to the door and no more noises were heard inside. Management was requested to open the door so officers could check the building. Management arrived on scene and confirmed that the apartment was supposed to be vacant.

Management opened the door and the officers entered the apartment. Again they announced their presence and demanded anyone inside the apartment to come out. A male suspect exited from a backroom holding a knife. The male began to yell at the officers and was ordered several times to drop the weapon. The suspect threw the knife at the officers striking one officer in the lower leg. The knife cut the officers pant leg, but did not injure the officer.

The suspect then reached into his pocket and pulled another knife. The male continued to yell at the officers and began to approach them. The officers again ordered the suspect to stop and told him repeatedly to drop the knife. The male refused to comply with the officers’ commands and continued to approach with the knife. The officers again order the suspect to stop and drop the weapon, but the suspect continued to advance at the officers. In defense of their lives, one of the responding officers fired one shot from his handgun, striking the subject.

Officers immediately requested EMS and one officer began to render first aid to the suspect. The second officer checked the remaining areas of the apartment and discovered a second suspect hiding in a closet. The second male subject was taken into custody without incident.

The first suspect was transported by EMS to Scott and White hospital where he is currently being treated for the wound.

Neither officer was injured in the incident.

The Texas Rangers are conducting the investigation, with the assistance of the General Investigations Unit of the Temple Police Department. Texas Rangers involvement is standard in any Police Action Shooting involving a Temple Police Officer. The officer will be placed on paid administrative leave during the shooting investigations. This leave is policy-driven, routine, and required per procedure in all police action shootings.

The identities of the people involved cannot be released right now, as the on-going investigation would be compromised by that information. Their identities may be releasable at a later time, when circumstances permit.