The Texas Workforce Commission is reinstating some previous requirements for unemployment benefits.

According to a report from KCEN-TV, the Texas Workforce Commission will require individuals applying for unemployment benefits to submit 3 work searches per week starting November 1.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, this was status quo. Once COVID-19 arrived, requirements were laxed. The TWC had previously tried to return to normal requirements, but a surge in COVID-19 cases stopped their plans.

Now, once again the TWC is attempting to wean Texans off of unemployment benefits by requiring applicants to truly search for work, and support that claim with 3 work searches per week.

According to TWC, taking and passing a class on the Metrix Online Learning Platform, an online job skills-building software paid for by the State, can count as one search.

In fact, there's a long list of activities that count as work search under TWC requirements, including registering with, using that website to search for jobs, and uploading your resume in response to a public job notice.

You can find the list of acceptable activities and a mountain of information on the TWC's website.

In addition to resuming the work search requirement for unemployment benefits, the TWC is also reinstating work requirements for its subsidized child care program. The change goes into effect November 1, but there will be a grace period through November 27 for parents who've already received two to three months of child care after experiencing job loss.

Get the details here.

Do you think Texas is ready to re-open? Will the TWC be able to fully carry out these requirements for unemployment and child care, or will another surge stop their plans?

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