The Midway Independent School District is planning new school start times for the next school year in 2020-2021.

According to our news partners at KWTX, the Midway Independent School District, will be changing school start times this fall. Superintendent George Kazas says that this change will help with traffic congestion and construction delays.

If you've ever tried to get down Hewitt Drive around 8 AM or 4 PM, then you know first-hand that the traffic is a nightmare. Hopefully now it won't be as nightmare-ish!

Elementary and Intermediate schools will now start 20 minutes earlier. Secondary schools will now start 15-20 minutes later.

Doors will open at 7 AM for Elementary and Intermediate schools. The new start of classes will be at 7:40 AM.

Elementary schools will be released at 3 PM, while Intermediate schools will be released at 3:05 PM.

Middle school and High School doors will open at 7:30 AM. Middle school students classes will start at 8:25 AM. High School classes will now start at 8:30 AM.

Both Middle school and High School students will be released at 4 PM.

Good luck out there Midway ISD parents! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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