An 18-year-old male recently died after a fatal crash at a well known intersection in Troy.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Raiden Garcia, 18, died at approximately 11 PM on May 31, in a 2 vehicle crash at the intersection of Loves Boulevard and South Central Avenue.

Tragically, Garcia's mother, Christine Mercer, is no stranger to fatal car accidents. Mercer lost her daughter, Katlyn Nicole Fowler, 17 in a car wreck that occurred back in October 2016.

“We honestly prayed that it wasn't them. That we wouldn't have to visit this family again under these circumstances,” Troy police Chief Gary Smith said in a statement to KWTX.

Now Mercer is working to make a change and to protect any other parents who have been through the same losses.

“We're not just speaking up for Raiden, but for the police, for the community, everyone that has spoken up prior that hasn't been heard.”

“No parent, no person should have to go through what I’ve been through,” Mercer stated to KWTX.

Since March 2018, a number of 28 incidents have been reported at that intersection.

Is it time for a change? What other intersections in Central Texas do you believe are dangerous?

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