Everyone at a point in their life will be looking for a job. With so many different places for people to earn a living, there are many ways for individuals to find a business they want to work for. Yes, we've all had those jobs that we loathe, but for the most part, all of us have some type of fun at work.

The looking for a job is always difficult though. Rejections hurt, but this one that might hurt the most personally. One business named Pets Gone Wild Resort has turned heads for one simple sign.

The Sign In Question

KHOU 11 has the details of the simple sign:

Why was the sign put up in the first place? Due to being unable to find anybody to work simply. While they have hired to certain positions, those employees haven't been able to fit the workplace decorum according to the owner.

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Walter Parsons, the owner of the resort stated that one individual hired was only able to last 3 days in the job. He even described one employee who wouldn't listen to instruction:

“Repeatedly, ‘get off your cell phone, you’ve got dogs to watch. OK, put the cell phone up, go back out there.' Twenty minutes later, she’s back on her cell phone."

So, Parson took to the internet to find a way to find the right people for the job at the resort. Parson also reported to KHOU that after putting up the sign, three individuals who were the right fit were hired.

But the sign's responses from locals in the area was mixed, to say the least.

Employees and Locals Sound Off

One woman, Taylor N., told KHOU she wasn't very happy when she saw the sign. She thought it sent a bad message to current employees and there had to be a better to get attention for the job openings.

Another resident who called themselves Sue, found the sign silly and not harmful.

How do you view the sign? Let us know by sending a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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