There has been another dog attack in Killeen. According to a Killeen Police Department press release, it happened late Monday (April 14) afternoon at Cody Poe Rd. and Armadillo Dr. Police were called out around 4,  in reference to a dog bite.   When they got there they found that two kids, a boy and a girl were being attacked by three pit bulls.   A woman who was helping the kids was also bitten.


Police had to shoot at the dogs to stop the attack.  They captured one dog, the other two got away.  They were still on the loose last night.


The three victims were treated at area hospitals. A 12 year old girl was taken to Scott and White, an 11 year old boy and the 26 year old woman were taken to Metroplex, all were in stable condition last night.


So far we have no information on who owns the dogs.


Last month a 2 year old was killed and another child was injured after a Bull Mastiff attacked them. That attack happened near the intersection of Pennington and Mildred avenues on the eastern side of Iduma Elementary School.

Witnesses say the two children and an 18-year-old man were walking home from a playground when the dog ran out from a garage and attacked them.

The dog dragged the 2-year-old down the roadway, when someone fired a gun, causing the animal to drop the child and run away.

The death was ruled an accident.  The dog was euthanized  and given a rabies test which came back negative.