So who is gathering the money to buy the office Powerball tickets?  The Saturday Jackpot is over half a billion dollars.  You know at the last minute somebody will decide ya’ll should put your money together.  Will that person take the trouble of asking folks, “Who wants in,  and gather up the money?  No, it will probably fall to somebody like me.  That’s a big job, tracking everybody down at the last minute, collecting the money, buying the tickets, making copies, distributing the copies.  I should charge a fee.

Well if you are THE ONE in your office.  Make sure everybody pays you up front, no credit, cause if you don’t win you will never get your money.  Warn those who don’t participate, they will be left in the office when the rest of you don’t come in on Monday, because you won!

Make a copy of all the tickets and make sure everybody has a copy.  That way you all know what tickets are in the pool,  You know some folks will buy extra tickets, (Hey, I gotta buy my Dad's too), we don't want any confusion or lawsuits!

Because the Jackpot is so big, more people are playing so it could reach 600 million by Saturday.  I would wish you good luck but I’m not gonna cause We want Us to win!