UPDATE 11:23 AM: The subject of the police standoff in Killeen has surrendered to police and is being transported to an area hospital for evaluation. It is not clear if he will face any charges.


UPDATE 11:00 AM: The subject of a police standoff in Killeen is reportedly a former soldier suffering from PTSD. Officers were sent to the man's home in the area of W.S. Young Drive and Mikulec Drive around 7:55 a.m. after a caller reported a man in distress. When officers arrived, they found the man locked in his car and threatening to shoot himself. Police do not believe anyone is in the vehicle with him or inside the home.

As a precaution, police have set up a two-block perimeter around the scene. Nearby Saegert Elementary remains on external lockdown. Police and school officials say students and staff are safe.


Seagert Elementary School in Killeen has been locked down as a precaution while police negotiate with an apparently suicidal person who has barricaded himself inside a vehicle in the 2200 block of Mikulec.

A section of South W.S. Young has also been closed to the public. Police and school officials say the children are safe.

We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.