It's not exactly like I'm the first DJ to broadcast from a helicopter.  They're called traffic reporters, and they do it every day.  This is Central Texas, however, and there aren't a lot of DJs in helicopters calling in traffic reports.

That changed Saturday, July 18th 2015 as I took a promotion at Freedom Jeep Chrysler in Killeen with Freedom Air out of Copperas Cove as an opportunity for another first.  It was only a few months prior that I became the first radio DJ to fire a gun live on the radio at Weber's Gun Range in Troy.

July 18th was a scorching Central Texas day as I took to the sky.  I can't really tell you WHY I wanted to be the first DJ to broadcast from a helicopter from above Killeen.  It's the little things in life.  This wasn't my first helicopter flight.  I'd taken a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon back in 2001.  I'd also taken a helicopter ride above Waco in 2000 DURING a live broadcast but not while actually on the air.


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