If you're a city, you're either growing or dying.  That being the case, there's little argument the City of Temple is quite healthy.  I've compiled a list of the biggest construction headaches in Temple over the past decade.

It's no secret to those that know me, and those that have come across me in traffic, that I'm a driver that's easily stressed out.  Add construction on top of that, and I occasionally lose my ever-loving mind. While stuck in traffic today on the way back to work from lunch, I (angrily) thought of the biggest construction headaches  I've been forced to deal with in the 10 years I've lived in Temple.



Also, here's my choices as the worst construction spots inTempleover the past 10 years:


1.  I-35 @Loop363 (Exit 299)- This construction altered my route to work for 4-5 years.  For those complaining about the ongoing construction & I-35 expansion you need to look no further that this mess for hope that all will turn out alright.  The construction affected I-35 traffic, access roads and traffic on theLoop.  It also affected many of the nearby businesses, and we even saw a few businesses fold during the construction.  Looking at the intersection now, you'd never know what a mess it was just three years ago.  Take solace,Templedrivers, for the future has been seen... and it is good.

2.  Loop 363 Access Roads- Before there was the I-35 expansion...  Before the impressive structure at I-35 & the Loop was complete... there was the expansion of the access roads along theLoopbetween I-35 &31st St.  It was a headaches, because no matter how hard you try, it's impossible to avoid these access roads.  There was one point in time when you couldn't access theLoopbetween5th St.&57th St.  That was a frustrating drive if I forgot to go a different way and ended up trapped along the access roads by Scott & White.  This, too, has been completed, and while I think four lanes along the access road is a bit of overkill right now, it'll be nice to have room to grow over the next few decades.


3.  Loop 363 & Airport Rd-  I'm sure I'm getting a few shouts of "amen" with this choice.  This area is the biggest current headache for me.  I drive this route to work everyday, and on days when I leave for lunch or business and forget to avoid the area in the afternoon, I'm stuck for what feels like an hour.  There's no direction, north, east, south or west, that's safe from a major delay at this intersection.  There's no argument, however, that the traffic flowing from the I-35 area at exit 299 that are attempting to turn left ontoAirport Rd.can expect a delay sometimes exceeding 15 minutes.  They're still a long way from finishing this project, so the headaches here will continue for a long time to come.


4.  I-35- No explanation as to the area to which I'm referring in this case is necessary.  If you've driven on I-35 inTemplein the past six months, you know the headache it's causing.  It's forced longtime businesses to close and move.  It's narrowed traffic on access roads in heavily-traveled areas such as the Cinemark Theater to one lane, choking the flow of traffic to a near-standstill.  Closing an exit on the southbound side around exit 300 has been a nightmare for me.  That was always an easy shortcut for me to avoid some of the other areas I've mentioned above.  The single biggest spot for a traffic headache is southbound between the Loop & Midway Drive.  Traffic being bottlenecked down to two lanes at a major merging point means delays are regularly felt for miles and miles to the north.