When I first saw these girls I thought, unbelievable, turns out this happens a lot more often than you think, adopting twins into separate families with neither knowing the other existsl.


twinsters separated at birth


This story is about Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordlier, separated at birth in South Korea. Anais was adopted and raised in Paris and Brussels.  Samantha was adopted and raised in New Jersey. Each set of parents thought they adopted single babies.


Last December, Anais friends happened to see Sam acting in a YouTube video and noticed similarities between the two. They told Anais about it. A couple of months later, Anais saw Samantha in a trailer for the film "21 & Over." The credits listed Sam's last name and the stalking began!


Eventually Facebook brought them together. They learned they were both adopted, birth dates and birth places were the same, and their faces were the same too. So the two decided to search for the truth and create a documentary along the way. Kickstarter helped them get the money for filming.


Yes they did the DNA and yes they are twins. Besides the look they found other similarities. They both hate cooked carrots, they both love the same color nail polish and they both need to sleep 10 hours a day. They spent a lot of time together after those initial meetings and now, two and a half years later Twinsters arrives in theaters this Summer.



The twins also wrote a book and Samantha is co-founder of a foundation to help other twins separated at birth.


twinsters book separated at birth


TWINSTERS can be seen at Regal Arbor Cinemas at Great Hills in Austin July 31 - August 6





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