So basically, Lorne Michaels is taking over the world.

If I were Seth Meyers, I would have HUGE anxiety about taking over Late Night from Jimmy Fallon. The cool thing about Jimmy is that he really made the show his own, with successful bits like 'Thank You Notes', 'The History of Rap' and 'Slow Jamming the News', which eventually led to him being chosen as the successor to the Tonight Show. On top of his Late Night success, Fallon went on to have an AMAZING first week on the Tonight Show, securing his spot as the new darling of late night tv. So basically, Seth Meyers has HUGE shoes to fill.

Not to say that Meyers hasn't had his own past success as well. After all, he had a great 12  year run on SNL, spending many of those years as head writer and 'Weekend Update' host. Still, is that enough to make a good late night host? Looks like the jury is still out. Although likable, Meyers first show was kind of...well, boring, for lack of a better word. With a new set that feels very news-like, (is that a word?) it kind of just felt like I was watching an hour of 'Weekend Update'. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just more straightforward than the skits and gags we became used to seeing when Late Night was hosted by Fallon.

Below you can check out highlights from Meyers first show, which featured fellow SNL and Weekend Update Alum, Amy Poehler, as his first guest. Vice President, Joe Biden, also made an appearance, teasing his plans for 2016. We also get a nice little glimpse of what it will be like to have Fred Armisen as his band leader, a decision I really dig.



My one suggestion to Seth Meyers? Have 'Stefon' appear as a guest AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! What did you think of Seth's first night as host? Tweet me, @DaniOnUS105!

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