Sha'Carri Richardson tested positive for cannabis, making it unlikely that she’ll get the chance to challenge for the Olympic 100-meter title in Tokyo later this month.

Why Was Sha'Carri Richardson Suspended?

The US anti-doping agency suspended Sha'Carri Richardson for 30 days because of THC being in her system. The decision to bar her from competing resulted in a world of outrage from people across the country.

2020 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials - Day 2
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But She Broke The Rules, Right?

You have those people that will argue that the rules are the rules and that marijuana is one of the controlled substances that are banned if athletes want to participate in the Olympics.

Then, you have those people (like me) that think the rules should be updated and adds that marijuana is not a performance-enhancing drug.

The People Have Spoken

Apparently, they are over 500,000 people who think the same way I do!

According to Forbes, over a half million people have signed a petition to reinstate Sha'Carri Richardson to the Tokyo Olympics.

The petition urges the agency to lift the penalty on marijuana. It has seen a shift, counting over 100,000 new signatures in the past few days.

Sha'Carri Richardson Is A National Treasure

Aside from the fact that many people are now in favor of marijuana legalization, Richardson is seeing so much love and support for two other important reasons.

First, she's an amazing athlete, who recently attained the status of America's fastest woman.

Second, Richardson says she used marijuana after learning about the death of her mother from a reporter - a total stranger - during a media appearance just days before her Olympics trials.

Repeat After Me

While Olympic officials may not care about a petition and may believe the rules are the rules, here's what I say  - if it wasn't crack, let the girl run track!



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