Anyone dealt a 2nd bout of cancer would be more than excused to feel like giving up, but our own Ft Hood Spouse of the Year for 2013 not only fought back and lived life to its fullest at the same time, she fought back and won... again.

Even blisters on her feet wouldn't stop Marily from taking part and showing support to others in the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure. She and John dance their way across the finish line. Photo courtesy Marily Considine Facebook.

Marily Considine is an inspiration to all of us, not just those fighting against cancer, but those of us that have ever dealt with tough situations.  Following Marily on Facebook is exhausting.  She's constantly living life with the energy of a college coed, singing, dancing, and never stopping long enough to let the hand she was dealt catch up.

There were plenty of tough moments along the way for Marily, and it all started (again) days after her husband, John, returned home from his ump-teenth deployment when she found out cancer had returned.  Showing the toughness we've now come to expect from her, she immediately began treatment, and even knowing the side effects that she'd once again be facing, she fought.

Along the way, and through incredible pain and weakness, she took part in a 40th Anniversary reunion for the Texas Stars (she'd be upset if I didn't mention the fact that she wasn't on that FIRST Stars squad) dance team at Tarleton State, took part in a Susan G. Komen event on the field during a Dallas Cowboys game and generally lived a life that would exhaust the best of us.

While continuing to fight a battle for her life she continued to live her life.  That included being the mom to two children going through the very real battle themselves, each being strong for the other.  There were all the posts of a proud mom on Facebook about school and about life as a family.

Beyond the pictures and status updates, however, was the battle.  Last week, we got the Facebook update we'd all been praying we'd see:


Just got off the phone with my oncologist's nurse. She told me a lot of medical jargon regarding my scan. I asked for the simpler version.
Me: "So what does all this mean?"
Nurse: "We can't see any cancer on the scan."
Crying some happy tears right now. The happy dance video will come later today when the kids get home from school and John gets home from work!
Thank You Lord!

 No one should have to battle for their lives once, let alone a 2nd time.  Marily did it with all the class and grace we'd expect from a military spouse, mom, daughter and Texas Star.  We hope cancer has learned its lesson when it comes to picking a fight with this incredibly strong woman and her equally strong family and decides better of it in the future.