A whirlwind of events transpired recently at Killeen ISD schools, and a new poll is showing fear for student safety within the community.

Last week there were reports of dangerous situations that took place across Killeen ISD, like fights, a stabbing, and even a box of bullets distributed among third graders.

We wanted to get the community's input, and created a poll to see if the public believes that Killeen ISD schools are safe for children.

The Results

Our poll was titled 'Are Killeen ISD Schools Safe for Children?'.

So far, over 70 percent of people voted "No, KISD is dangerous," while less than 12 percent of people voted, "Yes, I trust KISD to protect my kids." Approximately 15 percent of others remain uncertain.

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What's to Come?

Shoemaker High School Principal Latisha Williams penned a letter to parents and guardians stating:

"Students who were involved in the fight or act of violence will be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Our students must understand we are serious about safety and this kind of behavior is never tolerated at Shoemaker. The district remains vigilant regarding the safety of students and staff, and we ask that you reinforce this message to your students.”

The Arrest

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, a 16-year-old was arrested on Friday and charged with aggravated assault following the stabbing at Shoemaker High School. The juvenile was then transported to the Bell County Juvenile Detention Center.

KISD Cuts the Cord?

Also on Friday, KISD released a letter committing themselves to clear communication, but also announced that they would no longer provide the Killeen Daily Herald with major feature stories and photos, stating that the Herald "has lately used our information and images outside the original context".

Thoughts and questions are stirring throughout the community about KISD's efforts to control the narrative following this announcement.

Sound Off

In case you missed the chance to participate in the poll, here's your opportunity once again.

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