We moved around a lot as an Air Force family, so maybe that's why school supply shopping seemed so much harder.  I never remember having a school supplies list until going to the first day of school.

Each teacher would have their own unique list, and mom was forced to go out and shop for school supplies with the rest of the entire parenting universe just to get the scraps that were left.  Maybe it was easier for those not switching schools so often, but all I remember is a hassle.

Parenting may be a big hassle when it comes to EVERYTHING ELSE compared to parents just a generation ago.  No chemicals or carcinogens to worry about, no internet perverts (just a creepy guy in a van offering candy), no "new math" to worry about and no nutritional standards to worry about in school lunches.

Logan is loaded up for school and daddy didn't have to leave the recliner. Mission accomplished. Photo by me.

When I started buying school supplies nine years ago it was already a streamlined process compared to the madness of years gone by.  Complete supply lists broken down by grade & school?  Yes, please.  Still, digging your way through folders and markers and such is SOOOOOO 20th century.

The Garrett family went full-on-lazy for the 2015-2016 school year.  Apparently Perry Office in Temple packages up all the supplies for you and you just pick them up.  Yes, you give them the grade and the school and you'll never fight another parent for the last Trapper Keeper at Walmart again.

Pre-packaged school supplies and iPad babysitters... just about the only part of parenting that's gotten easier.  Don't tell me all parents have it easy now, either.  Don't lump the good parents that take advantage of advances in technology and business ideas with the parents that just let their kids run wild and destroy everything in their paths.  There's a difference.  Trust me.