Snake sightings could be on the increase in Texas as the weather gets hotter.

As you do your daily activities around the yard this summer, be on the lookout for the animals as they come out to feed and sunbathe.

Snake sightings 'drastically increase' during this time of year, according to officials with Texas A&M Agrilife Extention.

According to their website when the weather heats up and it is definitely hot in Central Texas) the chances of you spotting a snake increase.

If you're scared of snakes like I am, then there a few things you can do to help decrease the chances you'll run across one of those little slithery creatures.

First, do a few things to clean up around your home, such as keeping your garage and backyard shed clear and picked up.  Also, if you rake up brush piles, make sure they are as far away from your house as possible.

It's always a good idea to keep your grass trimmed short, which will reduce the number of places for rodents to hide out in your yard. These are highly sought after prey by snakes.

Keep an eye out for your pets going outside as well. Supervise their time outside as much as possible, and don't let them dig and explore in areas where snakes are likely to hang out.

If you or someone else is bitten, the Texas Department of Health and Safety has a list of what to do and what not to do. One of the big things NOT to do is try to suck the poison out of the bite. We've all seen movies where someone tries this, but health officials say it's a bad idea in real life.

Be safe out there this summer, and watch out for the snakes.

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