Dear thieves - can you just not right now? People are suffering enough.

The Copperas Cove Police Department says folks who recently used a debit or credit card to buy gas at the Speedy Pac Valero Station on North 1st Street need to check their bank or credit statements and monitor for any unauthorized activity.

Lt. Kevin Miller reports that there've been several cases lately of customers reporting that their card information was compromised after using the pumps at Speedy Pac. In most cases, the customers reported having used their Valero credit card.

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According to Miller, it's possible a skimmer was used to obtain the card info, but no skimming devices have been found there so far.

Maybe the thieves removed them before police could get wise? That's just my thinking, not anything that police have reported.

I know these stories are all too common nowadays, but every single one makes my blood boil. I guess because I've been the victim of card info theft twice in my life. The first time, someone somehow got my bank card information and used it to buy over $300 worth of seafood and booze at an oyster bar in, get this, Toronto, Canada.

What an eh-hole.

A few years later, a relative decided to use my info to get a credit card and go on a spending spree.

That one really hurt. Thankfully they had an attack of conscience and fessed up to what they'd done.

I can't see that happening with this case out in Coves. The thieves got in and out. Yay.

I don't blame the Speedy Pac employees, by the way. The prowlers who tamper with pumps and ATMs are pros who know the employees can't watch every pump every second of the day while they're helping customers.

It's just a sad part of our modern society. Back in the day, someone'd find a way to yoink your cash. Now they can make off with your card info.

If you have any information that might help police get in touch with the lovely people responsible, you can submit an anonymous tip to Copperas Cove Crime Stoppers at (254) 547-1111 or There's a cash reward of up to $1,000 if your tip leads to an arrest.

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