Some residents of West are angry after the publication of an article by the director of the Long-Term Recovery Center in a local paper.

Director Karen Bernsen publishes a weekly article for West News to update residents concerning the recovery process. In an article published last week, Bernsen wrote about two charities who’ve pledged to construct around 20 homes in West. However, it was a personal sentiment expressed in the lead-up to that information that has some residence upset.

Bernsen wrote:

The 102 passengers on the Mayflower couldn't have realized 392 years ago that giving thanks for their survival would become a tradition celebrated by a small community. Also, giving thanks for its survival. The sad reality is, we are so blind to our blessings, we become ingrates, expecting even more, bigger, better.....never satisfied even in the face of kindness and generosity. In this recovery, I have witnessed this ungrateful behavior. Most affected residents are getting their lives back, making necessary and sometimes painful adjustments in their post-disaster circumstances. They are truly thankful and appreciate their blessings. But there are others who are much less appreciative. They complain about the unfairness of their circumstances and are dissatisfied with the solutions the case managers have worked hard to put together. Their attitudes are jeopardizing their recovery and the recovery of others.

In an interview with KXXV-TV, Bernsen said she didn’t mean to offend anyone but stands behind what she wrote.

"There are cases where somebody wanted a bigger house or something better than what they've had, but that's not the idea," she said. "The charities can't give them more than what they've had."

Some residents found Bernsen’s remarks hurtful, while others feel she should have chosen better words when expressing herself. Bernsen told KXXV that some residents have voiced appreciation for the article.