Throughout the morning show today Julia Conner & I have been discussing the decision by Belton High School's salutatorian using his speech in front of 5,000 people at the Bell County Expo to come out of the closet.

Comments and opinions on the US 105 Facebook page have ranged from supportive to not-so-supportive.  A lot of opinions are that it was an inappropriate venue for being "selfish", making the speech about him and not about the other students.  It's hard to separate opinion on the subject of homosexuality from the opinion on whether the time & place were appropriate.  To see whether this is true or not, check out the video below of a South Carolina valedictorian ripping up his pre-approved speech and instead opting to recite the Lord's Prayer.


Now that you've see the video, what are your thoughts?  Appropriate timing?  He obviously made the "speech" about God.  It wasn't about his classmates.  Does that bring the same feeling of "He should make the speech about his classmates" and "It was very selfish of him"?