Splashy Bash is coming to Temple's Maxine Rae Clark Swimming Pool July 29th from 6-8pm!Come on down to 808 Curtis B Elliot Drive in Temple and take part in an event that's designed to keep kids in the pool and out of trouble.

Genevieve Gregg, with the Temple Black Heritage Committee, is one of the event's organizers. She says she hopes the event keeps kids busy being kids, and not engaging in juvenile crime.

Gregg says:

This is a community-wide event, but we’re really focusing on the east side of town. These kids are bored. They have nothing to do and are getting into trouble.

Thankfully, Temple is a community that looks out for each other. There has been an increase in juvenile crime this summer, including the over $1 million in damage to the empty Emerson School property. In June, newly-built Wilson Park was destroyed by a fire that caused $250,000 dollars in damage. The Temple Black Heritage Committee says getting families involved in positive activities helps all neighborhoods overall. So, come on down!

Splashy Bash will include free food, a diving contest, swim races, and basketball with awards going out to the winners.