This popped up on Reddit this past weekend. It was originally posted over on the High Strangeness subreddit, and eventually reposted over on the El Paso subreddit. Unfortunately I can't put the video directly in this article, but you can see the video by CLICKING HERE.

What do you think it is? There is probably a normal explanation for the lights, but I'm going with aliens. Actually aliens that are here to take over the planet. It's 2020 folks, let's wrap up this year appropriately. And the only want to do that is for a full-blown alien takeover. Well, not everyone agrees with me, here are some of the other things that people said these lights are.

This is like the fourth video of weird cloud lights in the last week or two. At first I thought they were ground based spotlights, but there’s not a lot of events going on that would require these in so many various places right? Because pandemic

Edit: Japan Greece

Edit 2: Thanks to u/CommieKid420 for pointing this out. There is a artinstallation at the border that utilizes searchlights that people can control. That is what this is.

Foxxy31 said:

El Paso leveled up and summoned COvID Cthulhu.

The vast majority of the posts talk about ground based spotlights reflecting off the clouds, but I'm not having any of that! Let's go all in here folks. Aliens. Takeover. Interplanetary battles. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum flying into space with cigars to download a virus to the alien's computers.


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