After being arrested a mere 396 times, a Chicago-area woman has been labeled a "trouble maker", a "drug addict" and a "fashionista" for her daring ensembles made up entirely of prison orange & yellow.  OK, that last part may not be true.

Home Sweet Home nearly 400 times for Ms. Shermain Miles. Photo courtesy Ablestock Photo

The bottom line here is this woman hasn't even been arrested 400 times yet, and a judge thinks she may have mental health issues?  Pardon me for being the boy crying "too soon", but just because she's done time for attacking a public official, armed robbery & trespassing (all between April 2011 & December 2012) doesn't mean she's a bad person. If we really look into her arrests closer I'm sure we'll see she pleaded innocent in at least 90% of those cases.  Going on the honor system we're led to believe well over 300 of those arrests were bogus.

Luckily for Shermain Miles, Judge Peggy Chiampas saw through "the man's" plan to keep her down.  Ms. Miles will now head to a mental health facility, which is one step closer to the freedom she so richly deserves.  You may be thinking that a mental health facility is as bad, if not worse (she's fairly comfortable with her surroundings in jail, I'd imagine), than jail.  Not the case with this mastermind.  Showing she's one step ahead of "the man", she convinced the judge to believe that she was just a sad sop of a person that desperately needs help so she can avoid another stint in the clink and instead go to a comfy bed in a hospital.  She's going "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" on us, and that seemed to work out perfectly for Jack Nicholson (unless I'm not remembering the ending well).  Freedom is close enough to taste for Ms Miles, and we should all be thankful for that.  After all, one more night in lock-up is one more night without petty (sometimes felony) crime in Chicago, and that's just something we can't live without.