Believe it or not, what you do for a living can have a tremendous impact on your chances of finding love.

Right? Who knew?!

A recent survey of 1,000 workers from across the U.S. by career research firm Zippia reveals the jobs considered the most, and the least, attractive in a potential partner.

Let's dive into their findings before I give my two cents, which were earned working in radio - a profession that didn't make either list.

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Top 10 Jobs Women Find Most Attractive

This will come as no surprise to anyone: doctors topped the list of jobs women find most attractive. What's strange to me is that lawyers came in at #2 over carpenters, engineers, and firefighters.

Check out the rankings:

  1. Doctors
  2. Lawyers
  3. Carpenters
  4. Engineers
  5. Project Managers
  6. Firefighters
  7. Software Developers/Programmers
  8. Mechanics
  9. Accountants

Writers and Authors came in at #22. I write for this website every day, so maybe I have a shot at love after all!


Top 10 Jobs Women Find Least Attractive

Topping the list of jobs women find least attractive was your humble fast food worker.

Guys, these are the jobs that could hurt your chances with the ladies:

  1. Fast Food Workers
  2. Janitors
  3. Truck Drivers
  4. Cashiers
  5. Maids
  6. Dishwashers
  7. Bill Collectors
  8. Salespersons
  9. Police Officers
  10. Politicians

#10 shouldn't shock anyone, but I'm surprised to see "police officers" in the bottom ten.

According to Zippia, "A job such as police officer was highly polarizing, deemed by some respondents to be very desirable and others to be very undesirable."

My brother's a police officer, and he and his cop friends have awesome wives. But I guess I can kinda understand why the job would be polarizing. There's the current political climate in which police departments are under a microscope and there are calls for change, but there's also the fact that it's a high-risk job and you never know if your husband is going to come home after a shift. That's got to be unimaginably stressful.

Top 10 Jobs Men Find Most Attractive

We really love our healthcare workers, don't we?

Nurses topped the list of jobs men find most attractive. Doctors came in at #3.

I'll admit that I crush hard on nurses and doctors. There's something about a woman who's strong, caring, and calm under stress that's very appealing. Plus, lab coats and scrubs are cute. What can I say?

Check out the Top 10:

  1. Nurses
  2. Elementary School Teachers
  3. Doctors
  4. Secretaries
  5. Lawyers
  6. Dancers
  7. Middle School Teachers
  8. Waiters/Waitresses
  9. Hairdressers
  10. Receptionists

IT workers, software developers/programmers, and graphic designers made it into the top 25, which I found interesting. Personally, I like a tech-savvy woman. It helps to have someone to troubleshoot issues with.

Top 10 Jobs Men Find Least Attractive

Janitors were considered least attractive by surveyed men. Police officers also made the list.

  1. Janitors
  2. Truck Drivers
  3. Fast Food Workers
  4. Plumbers
  5. Security Guards
  6. Construction Workers
  7. Correctional Officers and Jailers
  8. Maintenance Workers
  9. Police Officers
  10. Dishwashers

I'm surprised by some of these. What's wrong with a woman who works as a plumber or construction worker? Think of all the projects you could work on together!

Does It Really Matter?

I get it. If you're at a certain income level and planning your future, you probably want to match with someone who's making as much as or even more than you, and you may have more in common with someone like that.

Personally, I don't get too hung up on what someone I date does for a living as long as they're not exploiting or harming anyone, or they're not absolutely miserable because of their job.

I guess that's why I'll never be dating a doctor or lawyer - money's not as important to me as personality and shared interests.

Everyone deserves a shot at love, and people can surprise you, so next time you match with a fast food worker or janitor on a dating app, maybe take a chance. Hey, they could be working on a degree in their off time, or they could just be a really kind-hearted person who could use a little loving encouragement in their life.

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