Pet of the Week

Duke the Chihuahua is Our Pet of the Week
Duke, the tiny Chihuahua mix is our Pet of the Week.  Duke is 5 years old, neutered, appears to be housebroken and loves car rides.
Officer Hetzel from the Temple Animal Shelter says Duke is a very playful five year old who can be very calm when he needs to be.
Hilda the Chihuahua is our Pet of the Week
Meet Hilda, our Pet of the Week.   She is a short haired full grown Chihuahua, weighing in at just 9 pounds. Sounds like a great lap dog to me.  Hilda is about a year old, already spayed and she loves people.  She also likes peace and quiet. So please get her out of the animal sh…
Snuggles is the Pet of the Week
Our Pet of the Week is a noisy pug named Snuggles.  I did not know those dogs made so much noise just breathing!  Despite that Snuggles is a cute little thing, he is very friendly, loves people and gets along with other dogs too.

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