I'm not as hairy as I once was, and that's thanks to laser hair removal I had awhile back.  Despite that, there's still plenty of untreated, scary hairy body parts left.  Take a guess at which body part I'm showing you and you could a great prize from  US105.

It's the ultimate in life's unfair equations:  I'm hairy everywhere except for the place I should have hair... the top of my head.  A few years back I had the opportunity to try laser hair removal at Rain, Skin & Body. I know I'm a guy and I shouldn't be worried about stuff like that, but I'd lost a bunch of weight and wanted to be able to have my shirt off at the pool without being confused for a Chupacabra.

Now, to celebrate my now-smooth body part, I'm going to have you guess the scary hairy body part.  Take a look at the picture:

Guess the Scary Hairy body part. Photo by Jamie Garrett

The first below to comment the correct answer wins a free month of unlimited classes at Titan Total Training in Temple.  

Be as specific as possible.  Use words like upper, lower, left, right, etc.  First to hit it dead-on wins.  We'll contact you if you're the winner.

Plus, come back tomorrow AND I'll show you another picture, for your chance to win even more.

Now, you've got a chance to win your way to a less scary, hairy life, just like me! Enter our Scary Hairy Contest and show us a picture, just like I showed you mine. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to get laser hair removal you might not otherwise be able to access.