If you've been following Taylor Swift's illustrious career, you'll know that she always puts her best foot forward when it comes to her wardrobe. Her 2012 Grammys dress, which she wore during her performance of 'Mean,' is now up for auction, and it could be yours -- for a pretty penny.

The vintage floral dress is an original 1930s silk day dress, with hand-stitched patchwork added by her stylist for the performance, according to the auction's website. In addition to the gorgeous pattern and loose fit, it also has a cream colored slip, Palace Costume Co. labels on the dress and the slip, and is in excellent vintage-stage worn condition.

For those who geek out over credentials, it comes comes with a certificate of provenance, a Gotta Have Rock & Roll Certificate of Authenticity and photos of the songstress wearing the dress onstage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Auctioneer Pete Siegel tells New York Post, "If you were with your girlfriend, sister, brother or mother watching the Grammys last year, you'd remember Taylor Swift's performance."

As every Swiftie can probably recall, during the 2012 Grammys, Swift's rendition of 'Mean' was flawless and definitely inspired by vintage design. Her hair was in a simple braid, there was a ramshackle cabin in the background of her performance, and it had a down-home sort of feel.

Although it was her talent that helped win awards for Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance there, perhaps the dress, which looked pretty spectacular on her, gave her the confidence to perform yet another inspirational set.

In addition to her 2012 Grammys dress, the auction also holds another Swift item -- another vintage dress, this one from the 1960s, constructed of orange acetate with a lace sheath attached. The 'Red' hitmaker wore it during an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' last fall, where she answered (and dodged) a lot of questions about ex-boyfriends.

If you're into vintage clothing or the superstar songstress, you could add these dresses to your wardrobe -- as long as you have some extra money floating around. At press time the Grammys dress was up to $12,000.