Meeting Taylor Swift is a dream come true for so many fans, especially for those who know that as each day passes, they're getting more sick. That's why it was so special for 11-year-old Selena Yorke to meet her favorite singer at the Red Tour stop in Vancouver over the weekend.

Huffington Post reports that last year, Yorke was diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia, a rare degenerative neuro-muscular disease that will progressively affect her ability to speak and walk, causing her to use a wheelchair part-time. There is no known cure for this condition. While it's certainly daunting, Yorke finds inspiration in Swift's music, instead of being bogged down with the difficulties of the disease.

She tells Global News, "I like her because she’s awesome and because her music is inspiring. How she can say all that stuff without being nervous and how she sings to thousands and thousands of people."

When the young girl found out she would be able to meet the 'Red' songstress, she was incredibly touched, and also nervous. “It means the world to me,” Yorke explains, adding that when she met Swift, “I’d probably faint and then I’d wake up because I’d be too scared to faint.”

According to the Facebook campaign which helped Yorke gain recognition to meet Swift, it was a sweetly memorable experience. "She was very sweet! She hugged her, Taylor said she glad she got to meet Selena, Selena said the same thing to her," her mother writes. "She was very sweet, she is so beautiful inside and out."

"I just want to give her a lasting memory," the 11-year-old's mother adds.

We're pretty sure that Yorke will never ever forget hugging the global crossover superstar.