Taylor Swift has houses on the West Coast and East Coast, and with all of her success, she really has the financial stability to live anywhere she wants. But there's only one place that feels like home, sweet home to the singer: Music City, USA. 

"Nashville is definitely home," she tells the Tennessean. It makes sense -- Swift owns a beautiful high-rise apartment there, and her family, management and label are based in the city. But there's more to it than meets the eye. The best part isn't the home itself, it's the anonymity that greets her right when she lands at the Nashville airport.

"Every time I go anywhere else where I've bought a house, every day of my life seems to be documented in some way," Swift reveals. "Either there's a photo of me going to the grocery store, and you know what I bought there -- which is weird -- or there's a photo of me going in to work out, or there's a picture of me paddle-boarding, or there's a picture of me in my car leaving my driveway..."

"Somehow, Nashville has remained the coziest, most normal place for me to live," she furthers. "Because I still go to the grocery store in Nashville, but instead of it being documented and there being paparazzi and people speculating on what I bought at the grocery store, I just end up having normal conversations with someone in the cereal aisle, and that somehow never gets documented (laughs). No one ever knows when I'm in Nashville, and that's why it seems like I've been everywhere else lately."

The absence of paparazzi may be why other country stars have chosen to settle down in the same city. Sheryl Crow prefers the privacy of Music City, and Keith Urban and his A-list actress wife Nicole Kidman also chose a quieter life, opting to land in the Tennessee countryside.

Although Swift is one of the most famous people in the world, hopefully she'll be able to hold onto her privacy -- and her cereal aisle conversations -- for a long, long time in her home of Nashville.