Country crossover superstar Taylor Swift is gearing up to launch her 2013 Red Tour, and a couple of newly-released photos give fans a glimpse inside the rehearsals in Omaha.

In the photo above, the casually-clad performer looks like she might be trying to give some stage directions to the house sound or lighting technicians -- or is she saying, "We're number one!" after selling such boatloads of tickets to her upcoming 58-date tour?

Both the tour and the album it's supporting are titled 'Red', but from the look of these pictures, the dominant color at rehearsal is gray. These don't look like dress rehearsals, or anywhere near the finished product -- rather, these look like from a very early, informal rehearsal to work out some of the technical details before going into a full-scale production rehearsal. The photo below shows Swift working on some of her stage moves -- which is probably a little bit easier in street clothes than it will be in costume in front of an audience.

Swift will launch the 2013 Red Tour in Omaha on Wednesday (March 13), where she will play a two-night stand. The Red run will visit 45 cities for a total of 58 concerts, including 13 stadium gigs. The ambitious road trek is almost certain to be one of the biggest-selling tours of 2013. It is slated to wrap up in Nashville with a three-night stand that will run from Sept. 19-21.

Christie Goodwin, TAS/Getty Images