Are you tired of your friends and coworkers talking about the new iPhone 6?  Or are you jealous like me that it's not time for an upgrade?  Either way, you'll enjoy this video of a .50 caliber ISIS-killer destroying a new iPhone 6.

 To be honest, most times it takes far less than a .50 cal to destroy my iPhone.  I've gone through at least a half dozen iPhones to date, and my record with flip phones wasn't much better.

The toughest phone I ever had was an old Nokia with the generic ringtones, no internet connection and minimal use beyond verbal conversations with other human beings around the world (and who needs that, am I right?).  I once dropped it into freezing cold water in an Alaskan creek and still managed to get it dried off and functioning 12 hours later.  From that day on there was a white feather on the inside of the screen from its brief trip into the water (I guess) that blocked the view of the incoming call's area code.