Just a week prior to the beginning of spring break, things at Edmond North High School in Edmond, OK took a frightening turn with news from police that a student at the school had been caught with explosives and blueprints for a massacre at the school.  One father's response in a letter to the troubled teen that planned the attack may shock you.

Part of the cynical side of me thinks the father is taking advantage of the situation for the benefit of publicity for his writing.  Even if it is, until any of us are put into the situation he finds himself, maybe we should all back off.  Maybe not.  Some of the reactions to the letter haven't been kind, but the father stands behind the letter, even working to continue the viral push despite hackers bringing down his website.

As the father says about the letter, the tone of the letter is a little different than it would have been had the teen not been stopped prior to the shooting.  It was text messages sent by the teen now charged, possibly as a cry for help, that led students to contact police.  Police have confirmed blueprints for an attack as well as explosives.

Edmond North High School is what many in the Oklahoma City area consider to be a "rich school".  The news of this potential attack surely came as a shock to parents and police alike, but it was the willingness of students to turn in a friend & fellow student that ended this tragedy before it even began.  That might not have happened 20 years ago, but the quick thinking of these students may have saved countless lives.

The real reason this story continues to make its way around the webosphere is one student's father's response in a letter to the troubled teen.





The response the father has received has been a mixed bag.  Some have shown tremendous support for the father's support of the troubled teenager, while others have trolled and fanned the flames as you'd expect in this terrible environment on anonymous, online haters.  The father's website, where the letter was originally published, was even brought down by hackers apparently not happy with what was being said.