A hazmat situation that had a Temple bank on lockdown Tuesday with 13 people inside was caused by a mix-up involving a nutritional supplement.

The FBI, Temple Police, Temple Fire & Rescue, and the Bell County Health Department were all called to the Bank of America 3550 South General Bruce Drive in response to a package containing white powder found in a dropbox.

The bank was quarantined shortly after 10:30 while hazmat crews worked to determine if the substance posed a health threat. 5 employees, 5 customers, and 3 police officers were detained inside the bank while tests were conducted.

Later, while the bank was still on lockdown, a woman came forward to tell officials she'd made an after-hours deposit, during which she may have accidentally dropped a protein supplement sample into the box.

The substance tested negative for any hazardous materials and the scene was cleared just before 5 PM.