Starting Wednesday, police in Temple will start cracking down on drivers ignoring the the right turn only rule and cutting through a private drive at the intersection of W. Adams Ave. and Meadowbrook Ln.

The increased enforcement efforts come after a nearly month-long study of the intersection by officers that found 30% of drivers were ignoring signage and crossing several lanes of fast moving cross traffic or using a nearby parking area to avoid stopping altogether.

Cpl. Christopher Wilcox said in a press released Tuesday that the new enforcement initiative will not be a zero tolerance program, but will allow officers to issue warnings or citations as they see fit.

"We understand that the right turn requirement at this intersection is an inconvenience to some residents in the area," Wilcox said. "We have been advised that, at this time, the measures are temporary.  We are asking that our commuters drive safely, be mindful of the ongoing construction zones, comply with the posted traffic control devices, and seek alternative routes available."

If your commute involves encountering this intersection, do the smart thing: obey the posted signs and don't try to cut across private property. You may be in a hurry, but you won't get where you're going any faster if you get pulled over.