Celebrating beer is one of my favorite things to do. In fact, I do it almost daily. The 2022 World Beer Cup officials have awarded their favorites, and the state of Texas was represented very well. In fact, there's a bronze medal winner right here in Temple, Texas.

2022 World Beer Cup

The World Beer Cup is a global competition that started in 1996 as a way to celebrate those who are working to perfect the art of brewing. The competition happens every two years and features beers from all around the world.

More than 200 judges award gold, silver and bronze medals in over 100 style categories and over 10,000 entries, and according to The World Beer Cup's website, the WBC is organized by the Brewers Association which is a non-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers, their beers and the community of brewing enthusiasts.

One of those medal winners is right her in Central Texas.

BJ's Brewhouse

I know you may not think " world class beer" when you think about BJ's Brewhouse, but maybe you should. Turns out their handcrafted beers are pretty good - like, award winning good. One BJ's brew in particular has brought home a medal. BJ's Brewhouse in Temple, Texas took home a bronze medal for their Barley Wine-Style Ale at the 2022 World Beer Cup.

Show of hands here - who knew BJ's Brewhouse was handcrafting an award winning beer?

Barley Wine-Style Ale

The Barley Wine-Style Ale is a full bodied, full flavored ale served between 50 - 57 degrees and has an ABV of 10.5%. One or two of these may be all you need in a night. Of course, grabbing a bite to eat at BJ's while enjoying this medal winning brew is definitely a must.

Check out a list of all the Texas award winners HERE.

BEER! Who doesn't love an ice cold beer? Meet me at BJ's some time and let's go sample this World Beer Cup Bronze Winning Masterpiece!

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