(Temple, Texas) - One of the craziest stories of 2021 has an update regarding a court date for Amanda Martinez, who some in Central Texas know as the "Temple soup thrower."

We're all eager to see how this case will turn out, but it looks like there's been a delay

For those unaware of the altercation in November, here's a quick summary of the events.

The Case Described In Detail

On November 7, 2021, Martinez was allegedly filmed inside Sol De Jalisco throwing the soup on an employee of the restaurant:

Martinez was reportedly upset about the temperature of the soup she received, so she confronted employee Jannelle Broland, complaining that the food was too hot and it had melted the lid of the container she was given.

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The video of what investigators say happened next went viral. The footage appears to show Martinez throwing the soup in the employee's face and walking away. Martinez was later identified and arrested, and was out on bond a short time later.

In March of this year, Martinez chose to reject the plea deal offered to her. That seems weird for a case in which an incident was clearly caught on video, right? Well, Liz Mitchell, a legal expert for KCEN, said Martinez could be "trying to build an affirmative defense or just taking [her] chances".

Meanwhile, Martinez's defense attorney cited incomplete discovery and evaluation of evidence.

If she's found guilty, Martinez could face up to a year in jail and/or a fine of up to $4,000.

Most Recent Update To The Case

KCEN reports that Martinez's court date, which was originally supposed to be Monday, December 5th, was changed to February 27th, 2023. The reason for the change remains unknown at this time.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

What Do You Think?

You've seen the video. If you were the soup thrower, would you just take a plea deal and get it over with, or would you want your day in court? What would your defense be? Tap the Chat button in our free app to let us know. In the meantime, be safe, and be civil. No soup throwing, please and thank you.

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