Happy holidays indeed. According to a new survey, the state of Texas ranks in the top ten for drunken states this holiday season. I'll drink to that.

We are officially in the season of the spirit, and when it comes to 2020, having a drink of spirits, or 4, seems to be the best way to unwind. Turns out that according to a new survey conducted by SunriseHouse.com, Texas ranks eighth in the nation for drunkest state this holiday season, with Texans consuming four alcoholic beverages per day.

So who is beating us? North Dakota at 8 drinks per day was two better than New Jersey, which takes in 6 drinks per day, and three better than Montana, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Texas is tied with 18 other states that consume four drinks per day.

See the complete list HERE.

Some other results from that survey showed that on the average, Americans admit to drinking 27% more during the holidays, with 1 in 5 employees admitting to drinking every day that they are off work during the season. Plus, 17% will enjoy a boozy breakfast on Christmas day.

It is the holiday season, and with that comes the added stress of work, shopping, holiday parties and, for some, holiday guests. All of those things can lead to having a couple more cocktails than you may have any other time of the year. It's important to keep yourself in check, however. Don't let the time of year become a long term problem, if you know what I mean.

A spokesperson for SunriseHouse.com and a licensed advanced alcohol and drug counselor, Brittney Morse, says, “If you find yourself waking up with a hangover more days than not during the holidays, this might be a sign that you are overindulging. Overindulging in alcohol can be a bad habit that leads to dependence even after the holidays are over. It’s important to check-in with yourself and consider alternative ways to celebrate that are not centered around the consumption of alcohol.”

That's some good advice!

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