In a time where it feels like everyone is moving to Texas all at the same time, there appears to be a noticeable number of residents that are popping up fewer and far less often than what we seem to remember. Before we start worrying too much about areas of decline, we should remind ourselves that Texas is number one in the United States in a lot of the most coveted categories.

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Remember, we have the best universities, rodeos, and food on lock. We also excel in almost every major agricultural category, and without Texas, this country would not even begin to power itself without all our natural resources.

So, why are the numbers for Texas's brightest residents on the decline?

This is actually a phenomenon that entomologists are discovering and digging into all over the planet. Some believe that a shrinking firefly population could actually be an early indicator of a 'bugpocalypse ' much like a canary in a coal mine.

The number of firefly species is still unknown because new discoveries are made daily as the total variety of creatures living in Texas alone is over 80,000. However, there is some research to suggest,

"Nearly 1 in 3 firefly species in the United States and Canada may be threatened with extinction."

Why are so many fireflies possibly in danger?

Mostly it is due to habitat changes because like most insects, the majority of a firefly's life is spent underground until they have developed enough, and the air temperature is ideal for their emergence. All of the building and growth of Texas may have the biggest impact on their decline.

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