YETI coolers. Don't go outdoors without one!

It's been known since this YouTube video came out in 2009 that a YETI cooler can stand up to a grizzly bear, but could it save your life when severe weather strikes? A Texas couple says, yes.

Jared Caraway and Morgan Mafield says a YETI cooler saved their lives while on the waters of Lost Lake near Freeport, after strong thunderstorms almost sank their 23 foot fishing boat. The newly engaged couple and their 2 dogs used the cooler as a make shift life raft after rising waters overtook the boats engines.

The couple and their dogs ended up holding on the to the cooler to stay afloat as the currents shoved them around  the lake. They eventually got tossed near a debris pile and made it onto shore. The cooler that saved the day seems to be one of the "Roadie" models. The coolers description says nothing about it being a suitable "life raft". YETI's officials have not yet commented about the couples story.