Texas is, as we know, a very large state with many people in it.

Every day, many events go on here in the Lone Star State. From birthdays, to workdays, to vacations. The one thing that they all have in common?

People are always doing something in the state of Texas. With so many people in the state as well, multiples of these events are going on at once. But this brings forward another question.

In the future, could the Lone Star State be able to handle all of the residents and future residents of the state? Projections are...less than promising to say the least.

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Texas Might Not Be Ready For More Growth Just Yet

According to KSAT 12, certain areas of the state aren't ready for more people to make Texas their home. The two areas under scrutiny are Austin and San Antonio. According to projections, by the year 2050, population is forecast to increase from 5.2 to 8.3 million!

One of the biggest issues at hand? Transportation, with I-35 having the most eyes on it. While the roadway is set to grow in size in 2025, the main point of concern is this it will welcome more vehicles to the area.

Water is also a point of contention, as droughts have been causing issues, which leads to efforts to make the Texas water reserve larger. More green spaces for families have also brought an interest, as well as the need for housing that is affordable.

How does Texas prepare for the future growth in the state? Let us know by sending a message using the chat feature on our free station app.

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