You can't call yourself a true "Texan" without having stopped through Whataburger. I am a fan of The "Texas Treasure" myself, so when I saw their Snapchat contest giving away "Free Whataburger For a Decade" I wanted IN on the fun, but unfortunately, like a lot of you, I didn't win, but one lucky man out of Houston did, and he's doing something AMAZING with his winnings!

Courtesy of Whataburger
Courtesy of Whataburger

Blake Miller of Aransas Pass posted this winning photo to his Snapchat and won "food for a decade" and received $3,000 in gift cards from Whataburger according to The Houston Chronicle. But he took those same gift cards and bought 30 "No. 1's" (Original Whataburger burgers) and donated the food to The Good Samaritan Shelter Rescue Mission in Corpus Christi and to other areas throughout the city where the homeless congregate. What a great thing to do! Congratulations

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