KWTX reports that poisonous Snakes are keeping the Baylor Scott and White Staff busy in 2018.

Their staff says they have treated about 25 snake bites in the Falls, Limestone, McLennan and Bosque county areas so far this year.

The Texas Poison Center Network reports 102 rattlesnake bites across the state so far in 2018 from January to July. In 2017, the network reported 210 poisonous snake bites for all of 2017. Copperhead bites are also on the rise this year. From January to July The TPCN reports 308 copperhead bites after a total of 441 in all of 2017.

What is the cause for the increase in snake bites? More development in central Texas means snakes are on the move looking for new places to call home. Remember that if you are bitten by a snake that you suspect is poisonous you should stay away from the DIY treatments and stick to keeping the bite iced, elevated, and stop in the nearest emergency room to have them take a look.

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