It's one of my greatest moments in life.  I remember the moment I opened my acceptance letter to the University of Oklahoma.  I can't imagine hearing a week later that it was a mistake.

My proudest moment, despite the fact that I screwed it all up in the end. Photo by me.

My study habits in college were my biggest mistake during my two fantastic freshman years at OU.  I'm sure, on 2nd review, the school would love to take back this acceptance letter, but they can't.  For these kids, the rug was pulled out from underneath them before they even got going.  I'm guessing they wish they would have shared the good news on SnapChat instead of Facebook.  At least the evidence disappears on SnapChat.

I remember coming home from school for a quick lunch during my senior year of high school, seeing the letter in the mailbox, racing inside and opening it as quickly as possible.  I couldn't read the words fast enough, and once through the letter once I just stared at it for another five minutes.  Little did I know that my complete unwillingness to study, along with the calling of radio for a career, led me away from OU.  It doesn't take away from that magic moment I opened my letter.

That moment, standing alone in the kitchen, was nothing quite like this student's acceptance "letter".


For what it's worth, I once had potential.  I blame it all on radio.  I was destined for a thriving career in newspaper before radio got its claws in me.  I decided to go with radio because it meant no more schooling, AND because newspaper was a dying industry.  Fast-forward 17 years and I'm thinking maybe I should have tried digital media.  Of course, in 1996-97 digital media was basically playing mad libs on Prodigy.


Somebody thinks Jamie has some potential. WHAT WHAT!! In all, I wrote two articles in the OU newspaper. Both were album reviews. Photo by me.

Kids, stay in school.  Develop effective study habits in high school, or when you get to college you'll be drifting in an ocean of information with no one looking over your shoulder making sure you're doing your work and understanding the material.  Finish your college or you'll end up like me:  With a successful career, beautiful family and a soul full of happiness.